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4 Vibrating Watches for Kids & How to Choose For Your Child

August 5, 2020

If you’re like most of today’s savvy consumers, you want the best products — particularly when shopping for your children. You spend time scouring reviews, looking critically to make sure that the product is effective and reliable.

The crux of your decision should hinge on what you want to accomplish with the device. When choosing a vibrating watch for your child, ask yourself “What’s my goal?” What is the problem that you are trying to solve? Just as all children are different, their needs are different, and no one device is going to be one size fits all. Below is a comparison chart between a few popular vibrating watches for kids.

Watch comparison chart


WatchMinder 3 WatchMinder 3

The Watch Minder 3 is a digital watch that uses pre-programmed vibration cues to promote focusing, time management, and modification of thoughts and behaviors. While WatchMinder advertises itself as a tool for ADHD, LD, and Autism, be aware that the device is not FDA-approved to do so. Along with the vibrations, 65 pre-programmed reminder messages and 12 personalized messages can be set up on timed intervals. Because the vibration cues are based on fixed time intervals, kids may become habituated, ignoring the cues over time. User feedback also suggests the vibrations are pretty loud, so if you're looking for something discreet, this may not be the watch for your child. Watch Minder 3 promises easy set-up, as all programming is done on-screen. It has a rechargeable battery, is waterproof, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty.


WoBL+ Watch WoBL+ Watch

Next up is the WoBL+. It looks like your typical digital watch, but provides vibrations along with audible alarms. You can set a total of 9 alarms and there is also a countdown timer that can be set at intervals of 1 minute to 24 hours to provide reminders for timed medications, bathroom breaks, and other important tasks. It has a silicone band, is water resistant, and comes with a 6-month warranty. WoBL also offers a Potty Monkey Watch that is specifically designed for potty training —the company's main claim to fame.


Revibe Connect Revibe with Homeschool Schedule

The Revibe Connect looks like a fitness tracker, but it also provides vibration reminders and customizable text cues to aid with focusing and task-completion. It  monitors the user's attention patterns and personalizes the frequency of vibration reminders as needed. Revibe also offers an app that allows the user to input a personalized schedule, and set-up reminders for different times of day/activities. The app tracks progress for focus, attention span, fidget minutes, steps, and calories, capturing this data into daily reports that help you identify trends over time and provide insight for your child's improvement. Revibe Technologies offers a 90-day money back guarantee, free repair or replacement if damaged, and a significant discount for replacement if lost or stolen.


VibraLITE Mini VibraLITE Mini

Rounding out our comparisons is the VibraLITE Mini. It was originally designed as a watch for people with hearing loss, but has also been used to provide simple reminders for tasks like using the restroom, taking medication, and attending meetings. Similar to the WoBL+ Watch, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns and functions like your typical watch, with vibrations and sound alarms. It features 12 alarms and has a countdown timer that can be set in intervals up to 24 hours. It is water-resistant and has a one-year limited warranty.


In Conclusion

Keep in mind your goals when selecting a vibrating watch for your child. Think about which features are most important to you and what capabilities the watch should have to meet your needs.

The WoBL+ Watch and VibraLITE Mini are often recommended for use with children who have frequent accidents and need reminders to visit the restroom. The WoBL+ Watch also allows you to set up text reminders, which can be a great advantage, but the VibraLITE Mini offers a longer warranty.

For those who are looking for support with focusing, task completion and behavior modification, the Revibe Connect or Watch Minder 3 will be better suited to the task. Both offer personalized text reminders and customizable schedules, but each has its own unique benefits. The Watch Minder 3 is a digital watch that is waterproof and boasts easy programming. But if it's attention training and activity tracking that you’re after, then the water-resistent Revibe Connect is your answer. Use of its supporting app allows you to view a daily report and trends over time to see your child’s gains in focusing and attention to tasks, and personalized tips for their continued improvement

Jill Wichern

Written by Jill Wichern

Jill is an exceptional children’s educator with over 10 years of classroom experience. She has served the developmentally disabled community since 2001, working with adults and children in home, community, employment, and school settings.