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Use This School Planner to Get Organized & Focused

September 17, 2019

Made With Inattentive Minds In Mind

Getting and staying organized is easier said than done, especially when interruptions in focus are constantly distracting you from the end goal. Have no fear, Revibe and FastBraiin have teamed up to bring you a school planner, made to keep inattentive minds on-track.


Revibe x FastBraiin Planner | Cover Page


Simple Two-Week View

We chose to focus on a two week period instead of a month to help decrease overwhelming feelings, and to simply give kids more space to plan. Kids have the opportunity to focus on a daily habit they'd like to finesse little by little during this period.

Revibe x FastBraiin Planner | Two-Week View


Daily Checklists to Prompt Action

  • Schedule is listed by-the-hour to help kids break down tasks into chunks of time. 
  • Homework assignments are labeled by class subject for further organization. 
  • A Daily Checklist helps students make sure they are covering all bases before they shut their books for the night.
  • A blank To-Do list leaves room for any extra action items, like "Get permission slip signed"
  • The Daily Journal promotes positive vibes by encouraging students to celebrate their accomplishments and gratitude during the day, while also assessing what they could do to be better the next day.
  • The Personal Score gives students the opportunity to self-assess. How do they feel about the effort they put into their day? Did they do their best?
  • The blank Notes section leaves room for anything miscellaneous the student would like to remember about the day. 

Revibe x FastBraiin Planner | Day View

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Morgan Koder

Written by Morgan Koder

Morgan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013 with degrees in Economics and Political Science, and gradually realized her love for marketing during her extended pit stop in corporate sales. She joined Team Revibe in the Fall of 2018 because she knew it would feed her soul, not just her tummy. A wordsmith at heart, she loves communicating with Revibe’s customers through the marketing content that she produces. Outside of work, her love for writing and designing extends to making funny memes to keep her friends (and herself) laughing. She enjoys taking in the sights of the beautimous Mother Nature, dancing around at concerts, and just laying in a cuddle puddle on the couch with her pups during self-mandated Netflix marathons.