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Top 5 Unique Ways to use Revibe

April 15, 2019

Revibe Connect was invented by a School Psychologist to help increase on-task behavior for kids in class. Once Revibe Connect launched, our customers started informing us of other unique ways Revibe Connect can be used outside of the focus and attention space, and for adults too. Here are some that may be of interest to you!

top 5 unique uses of Revibe Connect

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Deep breathing

One great way to use vibration reminder technology is to use each reminder as a cue to take a conscious deep breath. Deep breathing can send a message to your brain to be more calm and relaxed. Whether at work, in school, or at home, this exercise can be a great tool to help with stress reduction. 

Positive words of encouragement

The Revibe Connect has a custom Text Reminder feature that can be pre-programmed in our app. Since the Revibe Connect is not a smart watch and does not have cellular or wifi capabilities, this text reminder feature is a great way to communicate short messages without all of the other technological distractions of a smart watch. Even if you have the vibration reminders turned off, you can still program positive words of encouragement throughout the day like, “keep up the great work!” or “you are loved”. Words of encouragement can be an empowering tool to boost confidence.


Stagger chores throughout the day using the Revibe Connect custom Text Reminders. Typically, chunking tasks into smaller groups of 1-2 items at a time can be helpful. Start with “make your bed” and “pack your lunch” before breakfast, then after school “walk and feed the dog”. Text Reminders can be set at a specific time so that the child can work independently, without redirection from parents. The Revibe Connect vibration reminders can also help the user stay on-task while completing chores.


Typically, we instruct users of Revibe Connect, “when you feel this vibrate, ask yourself if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing”. This principle can also be applied to other mindfulness scenarios. For example, we have had some adult users use each vibration reminder as a cue to check their posture. Vibration reminder technology can be used for various other mindfulness applications like this.

Social cues

Sometimes social cues are difficult, and Revibe Connect has been used to remind the user to practice appropriate social conduct such as maintaining eye contact, making sure to listen during a conversation, speaking clearly, etc. Users are able to use both the vibration reminders and the custom Text Reminders to continue to practice appropriate social conduct throughout the day.


We love hearing about all of the ways people use Revibe Connect to improve their quality of life. If you’re interested in more information or to see if Revibe Connect may be a good fit for you, visit www.revibetech.com or contact us at support@revibtech.com and 919-521-8444.

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Gwen Campell

Written by Gwen Campell

Gwen Campbell is the Director of Product at Revibe Technologies, and has dedicated her career to helping children with special needs and their families since 2015. An engineer by training and altruistic at heart, Gwen leaped at the opportunity to join Revibe's mission to improve the quality of life of others. In her spare time, she loves being surrounded by loved ones, animals, and nature.