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Top 3 Tips to Reduce Test Taking Anxiety

April 30, 2019

Test-taking can be a point of frustration and anxiety for many students. Here are Revibe's top tips for success:

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No Cramming

Plan to begin studying two weeks prior to a test. If your child doesn't have two weeks, encourage them to prepare as soon as possible. While cramming is tempting, it is very cognitively overwhelming and can prevent the retention of concepts. By planning in advance, your student gets more time to cover the material and can break it up into small chunks each day.

Use Chunking

Chunking is a technique that can be used for any work (even homework), but it is especially great for test preparation. Chunking simply means breaking down the task into small chunks. So, if your student has 10 chapters to cover for a test, try studying one chapter per night, and use the last few nights before the test to do a review.

Believe and Relax

Test taking can be stressful. Encourage your student to do their best to prepare, and when the time comes for the test, to believe in themselves and relax. Taking deep, conscious breaths during tests can be a great way to calm nerves. And even if a test doesn’t have the hoped for outcome, it can be used as a learning experience for how to do better next time.


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Gwen Campell

Written by Gwen Campell

Gwen Campbell is the Director of Product at Revibe Technologies, and has dedicated her career to helping children with special needs and their families since 2015. An engineer by training and altruistic at heart, Gwen leaped at the opportunity to join Revibe's mission to improve the quality of life of others. In her spare time, she loves being surrounded by loved ones, animals, and nature.