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Teacher Shares 40+% Improvement in On-Task Behavior After Using Revibe

June 1, 2017

Perhaps more important than the students’ academic improvements, she reports that the students are more competent socially and able to interact better with peers.

Connie, Special Education Teacher:

Some of my students that I decided to try this out on had an attention span of 38-48% on task time. We tried the devices out for 8 weeks now, and they’ve been on task from 78-100% depending on the student while wearing the Revibe wristbands.  

Results across the board have been remarkable, and I’ve really enjoyed watching these students blossom both socially and academically with the use of the Revibe system. The students have become more independent, they have completed more work correctly, they are more independent with tasks in the classroom, which means the classroom teacher is able to be more involved with other students as well.

The students do better socially, their peers want to be around them more. They are not as easily distracted, not getting in trouble, not talking to their neighbor, not completely off task during work time, and it’s made a huge improvement for my students and how their peers respond to them both on the playground and in the classroom.

Their grades are improving, and overall I have been very impressed with the results from Revibe.

Lara Hill

Written by Lara Hill

Lara has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, and has been helping grow Revibe since 2016. She's also a yoga instructor with a background in health promotion. Lara has a passion for helping people take back control of their own health and productivity. As the Marketing Director at Revibe, she feels fortunate to be advocating for the use of technology in positive, health-promoting ways. In those precious moments outside of work and parenting (she’s a mom to two teens), she likes to go paddleboarding or just lay around with a good book.