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24 min read

Webinar Recap | Tips for Testing: Help Your Child With Test Prep & Test-Taking Anxiety

By Morgan Koder on May 28, 2019

Testing can be a point of frustration and anxiety for many students. Join us as we discuss tips to reduce anxiety and improve test scores.
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26 min read

Is Your Child Struggling to Focus? (Revibe Webinar)

By Morgan Koder on May 24, 2019

Get the inside scoop: 

how vibration reminder technology can increase on-task behavior in class

Topics: webinar
34 min read

Getting Started with Revibe Connect (Webinar Recap)

By Morgan Koder on January 15, 2019

Weren't able to make our webinar about getting started with Revibe Connect? Or, want to rewatch it? 

Topics: focus webinar