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Using Artificial Intelligence to Address ADHD: Predictive Analytics & Diagnostics through Wearables

By Rich Brancaccio on December 22, 2020

Physicians and clinicians are often faced with tremendous gaps in necessary data while making diagnostic and clinical recommendations. With the rise of wearable devices enabling constant data collection, wearable sensors can leverage artificial intelligence tools such as big data and machine learning to fill in the gaps, finding unique trends and patterns in the process. By pioneering early research into the effects of physical movement and self-report data, we can see a glimpse into the future of constant, or “365” data collection for the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Recently Lindsay Ayearst and I gave a presentation on this topic at the 16th Annual ADHD Conference hosted by CADDRA. The following is an overview of that presentation.

Topics: School Psychologist
2 min read

What is "Testing", Anyway?

By Rich Brancaccio on September 29, 2017

Testing: What the Heck Does That Even Mean?

A very common question we hear in the field of psychology is, "What does it mean to have my child 'tested'?" 

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2 min read

Reducing Perseverative Thoughts in Autism

By Rich Brancaccio on September 13, 2017

Many times, people wish to help individuals on the autism spectrum reduce or control their perseverative thoughts in order to increase focus/learning or to improve social functioning.

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