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Sebrena's 9 yr. old Improves Grades and Behavior with Revibe

By Jordan Nerney on October 30, 2019

When her 9-year-old's school recommended he have a permanent 1-on-1 helper to keep him on-task, Sebrena feared this would ostracize her son, and looked to the internet for a different option. She found Revibe, which gave him the discrete 1-on-1 help he needed, and gave her feedback about his behavior that was ACTUALLY helpful.

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Revibe Technologies Launches 'World’s First Focus Tracker'

By Morgan Koder on January 15, 2019

Revibe Connect is a reminder vibration watch designed to improve focus and attention in children and adults.

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Meet Revibe's Mascot, Luca!

By Morgan Koder on October 29, 2018

Say Hello to Revibe's New Mascot, Luca!

Luca is a panther chameleon, which means he is quite the colorful character 🌈.

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