Revibe Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of Revibe Anti-Distraction Wristbands, announced today they have released a summary of the clinical pilot study that helped initiate Revibe's launch to market. Revibe prides itself on supporting students with unique learning needs, including those with ADHD and those on the autism spectrum. This case study is part of an ongoing effort to study Revibe's effects in the classroom, with additional studies slated for the near future.

Revibe™ is a reminder vibration wristband designed by a school psychologist to help students maintain self-awareness so they may redirect themselves when they drift off-task. Revibe utilizes proprietary research-based algorithms to determine when to send reminder vibrations. The overall goal of Revibe™ is to empower children with a quiet vibration reminder to get back to work so they do not have to rely on teachers or parents for prompts.

The study was conducted with children in grades 3-8 across two North Carolina school buildings. A classroom provided a much more realistic setting, including typical distractions occurring at random, than a traditionally controlled laboratory setting. It was found in this particular three month pilot study that 83% of students with self-regulation deficits at baseline showed improvement in on-task behavior while wearing Revibe (average increase of 19% over baseline). A very high performing subgroup was also identified, comprised of about half of the evaluable students; this subgroup demonstrated an average increase of 38% in on-task behavior over baseline while utilizing Revibe.

“This clinical pilot study netted some very exciting findings about Revibe that far exceeded our expectations", said Revibe founder and Revibe creator Rich Brancaccio. He added, "We were truly amazed by the way some kids positively responded to wearing Revibe in a real world environment. It meant a lot to us learn how impactful our technology could be on their learning each day." Brancaccio has spent the majority of his career working as a school psychologist specializing in autism spectrum disorders, serving on several school district autism evaluation teams.

Revibe has been producing the device since January of 2016. The company revealed that Revibe is already in use in over 2,000 schools across all 50 states.

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About Revibe Technologies, Inc.

Revibe Technologies, Inc. is a North Carolina based company dedicated to helping children and adults overcome obstacles faced in the classroom and workplace by fusing psychology with technology. Its introductory offering is the Revibe, an algorithm-based reminder vibration wristband that helps remind users to stay on-task in classrooms, at home, or in office settings.