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Top 5 Ways to Use Revibe's 'Text Reminder' Feature

By Jordan Nerney on December 12, 2019

Text Reminders are an easy, effective way to support your child

We could all use a personal assistant to chauffeur us through the day, reminding us of important tasks and helping us manage our time. For some students struggling with focus and task-completion, this constant 1-on-1 assistance is a reality in the classroom but it's far less glamorous. In fact, it can be ostracizing. But if you find yourself wishing you could be at school with your child to nudge them in the right direction and provide positive affirmation, you're not alone. This is why Revibe has included a customizable Text Reminder feature alongside of its automated Vibration Reminders. 

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School Report | NEW on the App

By Gwen Campell on November 25, 2019

The Revibe app makes it easy for parents to securely sync, store and view their child's Revibe user data on a mobile device or computer. But most children that struggle with focus and attention have a team of stakeholders assisting them (parents, guardians, relatives, teachers, clinicians, etc...), so what's the best way to keep the entire group updated and on the same page about the child? This is why Team Revibe created the School Report PDF. 

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Sebrena's 9 yr. old Improves Grades and Behavior with Revibe

By Jordan Nerney on October 30, 2019

When her 9-year-old's school recommended he have a permanent 1-on-1 helper to keep him on-task, Sebrena feared this would ostracize her son, and looked to the internet for a different option. She found Revibe, which gave him the discrete 1-on-1 help he needed, and gave her feedback about his behavior that was ACTUALLY helpful.

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What We Want You to Know About Us

By Morgan Koder on September 27, 2019

Meet Our Team

You may know about the watch, the vibration reminders, the focus-tracking app, etc...but what about the people?

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Making Data-Driven Decisions About Behavior

By Lara Hill on September 20, 2019

This week our team had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsay Ayearst, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Advisor at Multi-Health Systems (MHS). MHS is one of our lead investors and partners in research, and we were excited to get together and plan a future research study for Revibe.

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Use This School Planner to Get Organized & Focused

By Morgan Koder on September 17, 2019

Made With Inattentive Minds In Mind

Getting and staying organized is easier said than done, especially when interruptions in focus are constantly distracting you from the end goal. Have no fear, Revibe and FastBraiin have teamed up to bring you a school planner, made to keep inattentive minds on-track.

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What All Parents Should Know About Persuasive Design

By Lara Hill on August 27, 2019

Screen Time Is Increasing Due to Persuasive Design

With devices in kids' hands at younger ages than ever before, the current generation of parents are the first to grapple with the issue of how technology is affecting their children.

4 min read

4 Diet Tips to Increase Concentration

By Morgan Koder on August 20, 2019

Research shows: what we eat affects the way both our bodies and brains function. Read on to learn what diet choices can help boost concentration in those with attention deficits. 

18 min read

Helping Children Focus: a Holistic Approach

By Morgan Koder on August 19, 2019

Table of Contents


1. General Tips to Help Your Child Build Concentration Skills

2. How to Help Your Child Focus in the Classroom

3. How to Focus on Homework

4. The Impact of Diet and Nutrition on Your Child’s Attention Span and Concentration

5. Natural Remedies for Better Focus

6. Therapies, Exercises, and Games to Improve Your Child’s Focus



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