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Meet Revibe's Mascot, Luca!

October 29, 2018

Say Hello to Revibe's New Mascot, Luca!

Luca is a panther chameleon, which means he is quite the colorful character 🌈.

My name is Luca 16x9Luca Embodies the Spirit of Revibe

A chameleon is able to change color because of special skin cells that auto-adapt to light and the environment. The new Revibe Connect auto-adapts as well, changing the frequency and strength of reminder vibrations to best suit the focus needs of the user. 

The chameleon's color-changing skin is its secret weapon for success. For students with self-regulation deficits, Revibe Connect is a secret weapon, gently but effectively assisting them in improving focus and attention, building confidence and independence in the classroom and beyond. 


Look for Luca!

Luca is a friendly guy, and he's all about positive reinforcement. You'll often see him smiling alongside encouraging messages for students, but like many of us, he might scratch his head with a quizzical look when error messages pop up. Look for him on our website and eventually on our (iOS/Android) App! 

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Morgan Koder

Written by Morgan Koder

Morgan graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2013 with degrees in Economics and Political Science and realized her love for marketing during an extended pit stop in corporate technology sales. A wordsmith at heart, she loves communicating through the various marketing content she produces. She joined Team Revibe in 2018 to help launch Revibe Connect, the company's newest invention.