Meet Revibe's Mascot, Luca!

Meet Revibe's Mascot, Luca!

by Morgan Koder October 29, 2018


Say hello to Revibe's new mascot, Luca!

Luca is a panther chameleon, which means he is quite the colorful character 🌈.

Luca embodies the spirit of Revibe

A chameleon is able to change color because of special skin cells that auto-adapt to light and the environment. The new Revibe Connect auto-adapts as well, changing the frequency and strength of reminder vibrations to best suit the focus needs of the user. 

The chameleon's color-changing skin is its secret weapon for success. For students with self-regulation deficits, Revibe Connect is a secret weapon, gently but effectively assisting them in improving focus and attention, building confidence and independence in the classroom and beyond. 

Look for Luca!

Luca is a friendly guy, and he's all about positive reinforcement. You'll often see him smiling alongside encouraging messages for students, but like many of us, he might scratch his head with a quizzical look when error messages pop up. Look for him on our website and eventually on our (iOS/Android) App! 

Morgan Koder
Morgan Koder

Marketing Specialist, Revibe Technologies