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How To Use Charts & Checklists To Teach Children Good Habits

November 17, 2020


There are many different resources that can be used to teach children good habits. One of the most effective ways to do so, is by using charts and checklists. Why? This provides a visual way for your child to take responsibility in completing their everyday tasks. As adults, most of us find small satisfaction in crossing off a daunting task on our to-do list or an event in our planner. In the same way, your child will have a sense of ownership and accomplishment as they check off their daily tasks. Not only are charts and checklists a great practice for your child to grow in responsibility, but they also provide visual reminders of those accomplishments for you as a parent. Instead of having to constantly remind your child of the tasks at hand, they will have a physical reminder of the tasks expected of them throughout the day. These visuals come in various forms based on your lifestyle, the age of your child, and the activities that your child participates in.

Morning Routine

These types of charts or checklists will help your child develop the skills they need to start their day on the best note possible! A morning chart can include activities such as: 

  • Make Bed
  • Wash Face
  • Brush Teeth
  • Brush Hair
  • Get Dressed
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Pack Lunch 
  • Backpack/Homework Ready
  • Electronics Unplugged and Ready 


From Homework/Virtual School to chores around the house, a task chart is always a wonderful idea in order to accomplish necessary life tasks. 

If you are feeling like you do not have enough time in the day to do what needs to be done around the house, have your kids help out! This way, you will not be overwhelmed by home chores and your kids will learn responsibility. For more insight on age appropriate responsibilities to add to your chart, please view ’3 Ways to Encourage Helpful Household Habits’

To help your kids throughout the virtual school day, tasks outside of regular school assignments to include in a virtual learning chart or checklists may consist of:

  • Reading
  • Art Project
  • Journaling
  • Spending Time Outside
  • Brain Games
  • Learning a New Language
  • Exercise
  • Writing Letters
  • Nature Collecting

Evening Routine

To make the most out of your evenings and make your mornings easier, it is best to have set expectations for your child. By having a nightly routine, your child will get the rest that they need and mornings will be much less stressful. Here are just a few good habits for your child to learn in the evenings: 

  • Put Away Toys
  • Check Homework/Backpack 
  • Take a Bath
  • Comb Hair
  • Brush Teeth
  • Put on Pajamas
  • Charge Electronics 
  • Read Book

Behavior Development

Not only is it important for your child to check off their physical responsibilities throughout the day, but it is just as important for them to check their behavior. By teaching and giving your child opportunities to practice good behavior, you will be setting them up for success. Here are some behaviors for you to encourage your child to practice each day/week:

  • I Shared
  • I Was Kind
  • I Helped Out 
  • I Did Not Complain
  • I Kept My Hands To Myself
  • I Tried A New Thing
  • I Listened
  • I Followed Directions
  • I Did Not Interrupt 

Do it Together 

The responsibility that charts and checklists can teach your child will not only bring you peace of mind, but can be fun for them as well! Since these can be customized to your child and lifestyle, have fun with it. Make it a project that you can do together. Go to your local craft store for glitter, markers, stickers, and whatever makes your child excited to take on these responsibilities.

If your child is competitive, start by making the chart or checklists into a game. Ex: “If you earn 10 star stickers on your chart, you can choose a candy bar.” A little incentive and creativity goes a long way. In the end, it will be a fun way to give your child a sense of accomplishment and teach them good habits.



Jordan Nerney

Written by Jordan Nerney

Jordan is the Operations and Customer Service Specialist at Revibe Tech.