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What is the Best Watch for Kids?

July 14, 2019

Parents have the daunting task of making all kinds of decisions around technology for their kids these days. Smart watches and Fitbits are all the rage at schools, and kids love tracking their steps (and of course playing games, like many of the watches offer). But which wearable device is really going to help them most?

The answer is, of course: it depends on your kid. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the best options on the market right now.

Whether you are looking for a watch as a gift, as a toy, or as something that will improve their health, this post will help you see which options will be best for your child.




Ace 2

Revibe Connect

Vtech Kidizoom 

Garmin Vivofit Jr

Step Tracking

Fidget Tracking

Focus Reminder

Text Reminders


Swim Friendly

Customized Class Schedule

Best for Ages 





Best for

Kids who are doing well at school but need to improve their physical fitness

Kids who need frequent redirection to complete their schoolwork or homework, and prefer a discrete style 

A gift for a younger child that is meant to be more of a fun game or toy for entertainment purposes

Kids who like bold styles or are fans of Disney, Marvel, or Star Wars and want a cool watch with a character theme that will stand out


Want to Take the Side-By-Side Comparison With You? (Helpful Flowchart Included, Too!)



Fitbit Ace

We’ll start with the brand most people know, Fitbit. Fitbit came out with a version for kids, the Fitbit Ace. (More recently, they released the Fitbit Ace 2.) Where Fitbit really shines is in fitness tracking (no shocker there). So if your child is really active, or you are hoping that they will be, the Fitbit Ace is a simple way to track their steps. It gives them a nice celebratory vibration and animation when they reach their goal for the day.  It is also waterproof, which means if swimming or other water sports are important to your child, then you don’t have to worry about water damaging the device. That’s only if you get the Ace 2. The original Ace is shower friendly but not swim friendly.

If your child has a phone, they may enjoy the call vibration notification they will get on their wrist. The name of the caller will even pop up on the screen, which is pretty cool. 


Revibe Connect 

1272 edited_square-2Revibe was created by a School Psychologist to specifically help students who struggle with focus and attention. It has the added bonus of tracking steps and fidgets. Revibe gives vibration reminders for students to get back on-task. These focus reminders can be customized to meet the needs of the student, and can be as frequent as 3-30 minutes. Revibe is the only watch that helps students complete their work and improve grades. 

You won’t find games or other distractions on Revibe. Designed to look like other popular fitness trackers, Revibe fits in at school and doesn’t make the student feel bad about needing an extra nudge to stay on-task. Revibe eliminates the embarrassment that comes from teachers calling them out in front of their classmates to get back to work.

And yes, we know we are biased here....if you haven’t noticed, you’re reading a blog written by Team Revibe. But we try our best to share informative resources to make it easier for parents to invest in the options that will best serve their child’s needs.


Vtech Kidizoom

The Vtech Kidizoom smart-watch is more of an entertaining toy. The watch comes with a camera for taking selfies and other pictures or videos. There are several different interactive games your child can pick from, and some of them include physical activity challenges. Some of the games are logic-based to exercise their brains. Additional games can be downloaded from Vtech’s Learning Lodge. The games are geared for younger kids, around ages 6-9. The style of the device may be too childish for older kids in upper elementary grades.


Garmin Vivofit Jr

Garmin’s kid fitness trackers stand out for their audacious and colorful printed bands. They even have Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars themed bands to appeal to kids’ favorite stories and characters. Make sure you get the Vivofit Jr 2.0 version if you want a character theme. Kids can play a themed adventure on an app when the device is paired with a phone. 

Garmin gives kids incentives to reach their fitness goals with a themed games and badges. Parents can set chore reminders and create rewards. Kids can unlock different rewards when they reach goals.


Summing It Up

When deciding which watch is best for your child, take a moment to understand your child’s needs, personality, and style. Do they struggle with focus and attention at school? If so, Revibe is the only watch that can also help improve their behavior and grades. 

Are they doing well in school but just need some motivation to be active? If that is the case, then pick either the Fitbit or the Vivofit Jr, and use their style and fashion preferences to help you decide. The Vivofit Jr has bold styling, and would be good for kids who like their fashion to stand out. The Fitbit is a little more low key, with their solid colored bands. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a gift for a younger child that is going to be more for entertainment purposes, go with either the Vtech Kidizoom or the Vivofit Jr. Both have a solid selection of games and activities that younger kids are sure to have lots of fun with.

Fitness Trackers for Kids (Flow Chart)-1

That's all we have for now...hope this post has been helpful!


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