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Morgan Koder

Morgan Koder

Morgan graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2013 with degrees in Economics and Political Science, and realized her love for marketing during an extended pit stop in corporate tech sales. She joined Team Revibe in 2018 because she knew it would feed her soul, and not just her tummy. A wordsmith at heart, she loves communicating through the various marketing content she produces. Outside of work, she enjoys taking in the beauteous sights of Mother Nature, and cuddle puddling on the couch with her pups during self-mandated Netflix marathons.

Recent posts by Morgan Koder

5 min read

Resources for Talking to Your Child or Teen About Racism

By Morgan Koder on June 9, 2020

Black lives matter.

7 min read

How to Help Your ADHD Child Make & Keep Friends

By Morgan Koder on March 3, 2020

Having healthy friendships is an important part of developing lifelong social skills. For many children, these bonds build naturally and are lasting. Unfortunately, a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often has difficulty making and keeping friends. Understanding how your ADHD child’s brain works will show you how to help your ADHD child make and keep friends.

1 min read

What We Want You to Know About Us

By Morgan Koder on September 27, 2019

You may know about the watch, the vibration reminders, the focus-tracking app, etc...but what about the people?

2 min read

Use This School Planner to Get Organized & Focused

By Morgan Koder on September 17, 2019

Getting and staying organized is easier said than done, especially when interruptions are constantly distracting you from the end goal. Have no fear, Revibe and FastBraiin have teamed up to bring you a school planner, designed to keep inattentive, ADHD minds on-track.

4 min read

4 Diet Tips to Increase Concentration

By Morgan Koder on August 20, 2019

Research shows: what we eat affects the way both our bodies and brains function. Read on to learn what diet choices can help boost concentration in those with attention deficits. 

18 min read

Helping Your ADHD Child Focus Without Medication: The Complete Guide

By Morgan Koder on August 19, 2019

Table of Contents


1. General Tips to Help Your ADHD Child Build Concentration Skills

2. How to Help Your ADHD Child Focus in the Classroom

3. How to Help Your ADHD Child Focus on Homework

4. The Impact of Diet and Nutrition on Your Child’s ADHD

5. Natural Remedies for ADHD

6. Therapies, Exercises, and Games to Improve Your Child’s ADHD