Lara Hill

Lara Hill

Lara has over a decade of experience in digital marketing, and has been helping grow Revibe since 2016. She's also a yoga instructor with a background in health promotion. Lara has a passion for helping people take back control of their own health and productivity. As the Marketing Director at Revibe, she feels fortunate to be advocating for the use of technology in positive, health-promoting ways. In those precious moments outside of work and parenting (she’s a mom to two teens), she likes to go paddleboarding or just lay around with a good book.

Recent posts by Lara Hill

3 min read

Free Educational Resources for Students at Home During COVID-19

By Lara Hill on March 17, 2020

Many schools are virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result adults are dealing with a host of new stressors, including the challenge of keeping their kids engaged during the day.

4 min read

Making Data-Driven Decisions About Behavior

By Lara Hill on September 20, 2019

This week our team had the pleasure of meeting with Lindsay Ayearst, Ph.D., Principal Scientific Advisor at Multi-Health Systems (MHS). MHS is one of our lead investors and partners in research, and we were excited to get together and plan a future research study for Revibe.

5 min read

What All Parents Should Know About Persuasive Design

By Lara Hill on August 27, 2019

With devices in kids' hands at younger ages than ever before, the current generation of parents are the first to grapple with the issue of how technology is affecting their children.

6 min read

Our New Favorite Parenting Book, "No-Drama Discipline"

By Lara Hill on August 6, 2019

Parenting is tough. Most working parents feel rushed in their daily lives. If you are a working parent who sometimes feels you’re not doing a good job at either thing, the career or the parenting, you’re not alone. 

10 min read

What is the Best Watch for Kids?

By Lara Hill on July 14, 2019

Parents have the daunting task of making all kinds of decisions around technology for their kids these days. Smart watches and Fitbits are all the rage at schools, and kids love tracking their steps (and of course playing games, like many of the watches offer). But which wearable device is really going to help them most?

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Revibe's Reading List for Parents

By Lara Hill on July 12, 2019

If you see one you'd like to read, click the linked title to order it! Let us know what you think!