Gwen Campell

Gwen Campell

Gwen Campbell is the Director of Product at Revibe Technologies, and has dedicated her career to helping children with special needs and their families since 2015. An engineer by training and altruistic at heart, Gwen leaped at the opportunity to join Revibe's mission to improve the quality of life of others. In her spare time, she loves being surrounded by loved ones, animals, and nature.

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Use School Reports to Keep Everyone In the Loop

By Gwen Campell on November 25, 2019

Most children that struggle with focus and attention have a team of stakeholders assisting them (parents, guardians, relatives, teachers, clinicians, etc...), so what's the best way to keep the entire group updated and on the same page about the child? This is why Team Revibe created the School Report - a comprehensive, two-page PDF report of a user's last six weeks of weekday data. 

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3 Ways to Encourage Helpful Household Habits

By Gwen Campell on June 25, 2019

Not only is it nice to have a helping hand around the house - chores teach children responsibility, time management and independent work completion.

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Top 3 Tips to Reduce Test Taking Anxiety

By Gwen Campell on April 30, 2019

Test-taking can be a point of frustration and anxiety for many students. Here are Revibe's top tips for success:

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FDA Approves First Alternative to ADHD Medication

By Gwen Campell on April 29, 2019

NeuroSigma gets FDA stamp of approval

Last week, a company called NeuroSigma announced that the FDA has cleared their monotherapy technology, the Monarch eTNS System, which is the first treatment alternative to ADHD medications.

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Top 5 Unique Ways to use Revibe

By Gwen Campell on April 15, 2019

Revibe Connect was invented by a School Psychologist to help increase on-task behavior for kids in class. Once Revibe Connect launched, our customers started informing us of other unique ways Revibe Connect can be used outside of the focus and attention space, and for adults too. Here are some that may be of interest to you!

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