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Workshop September 24: Artificial Intelligence vs. ADHD: Predictive Analytics, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics Through Wearables

September 13, 2021

Part 1: Improving Lifespan Assessment of ADHD: Introducing the Conners 4 w/ Janelle Bierdeman and Mathangi Selvamenan

Part 2: Artificial Intelligence vs. ADHD: Predictive Analytics, Diagnostics, and Therapeutics Through Wearables w/ Rich Brancaccio and Dr. Lindsay Ayearst 

Join our Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Rich Brancaccio, alongside our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Lindsay Ayearst, in collaboration with the Ventura County Association of School Psychologists and Multi-Health Systems Inc for a 3hr workshop introducing the Conners 4 and an exploration into the world of AI and wearables and how they  can help assess and treat youth with ADHD. 

Clinicians are often faced with tremendous gaps in necessary data while making diagnostic and clinical recommendations. They also face the challenge of a limited range of non-pharmacological treatment options, which is especially true when treating ADHD patients. 

By pioneering early research into the effects of physical movement and self-report data, a glimpse into the future of data collection for the assessment and treatment of ADHD will be presented. Having real world dynamic data creates a wealth of data points and using AI makes it possible to spot trends and patterns that were previously undetectable. When coupled with traditional assessment measures, this data has the potential to provide improvements to the accuracy of diagnostic decisions and personalized interventions by predicting what specific daily behaviors and actions may benefit focus and attention for a given a youth.

This real-time data also opens the door to leverage wearables as a form of truly personalized digital therapeutics. A review of the opportunity for a resurgence in technology within ADHD as well as an overview of newly available technologies will be presented.

Wearable actigraphy and gyroscope data capabilities will be explored as well as potential for monitoring of hyperactivity and on/off task behaviors through sensor data. Evidence for the efficacy of a new wearable device, Revibe Connect, for the treatment of ADHD in youth will be presented. There will also be an overview for school psychologists and special educators for utilizing and incorporating Revibe Connect into an RTI framework. The presentation will focus on utilizing Revibe as a behavioral intervention and data collection tool to drive improved outcomes for students while helping educators make informed decisions through automated data collection.


Date/Time: September 24th, 2021, 9:30am-12:30pm PT (12:30pm-3:30pm ET)
Location: Zoom 
Cost: Free to members and $30 for non-members
3 CE credits available for attending
Deadline to register is September 22 by 4pm
Link to register is:  https://tinyurl.com/vcasp-mhs-2021
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