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5 Reasons to Love ADHD

February 2, 2021


Can you believe that we are already in the month of February?! One of my favorite reasons why I love February is — you guessed it — Valentine's Day! Even though this commercial holiday is advertised to celebrate the love you have for your partner, I have always looked forward to also celebrating the love I have for my friends, family, and even myself. While the world has felt so dark this past year, it is important to celebrate the love you have for the small things in life. So many of us have insecurities that we would like to hide away, but what if we embraced them? What if we took ownership of all of the things that make us different from those around us and viewed them as our strengths? Here are a few things that make ADHD special.

Creative Thinkers 

We usually define creativity as thinking outside of the box to create something original and unprecedented. Living with ADHD gives a person a different perspective on life. Most who struggle with ADHD also struggle with inattentiveness and impulsivity. These symptoms lead to a wandering mind — that has the ability to come up with very unique and creative ideas! The wandering mind and a willingness to take risks can be quite useful when it comes to out-of-the-box, creative thinking. Let your child's creative mind shine in the activities you do together! 

Bundles of Energy 

The person in your life who struggles with ADHD may seem to have endless energy, always bouncing around from one thing to the next. If you are one who carefully plans each detail of your life, your child will take you out of your comfort zone and show you their true zeal for life. This kind of energy can lead to many fun adventures and experiences. 

Strong Moral Compass

A person with ADHD usually has a very strong sense of fairness. If they witness an event — big or small — that seems unfair, they are more likely to take action. Those with ADHD have a very low tolerance for anything that is outside of who they are, meaning, they have no problem sticking out of a crowd to do the right thing. Instead of needing to experience an injustice for themselves, your ADHD child will not think twice before advocating for those who can not advocate for themselves. This moral compass also makes them a loyal friend.

Sense of Humor

Conversations with an ADHD child are never boring!  Because most conversations go unfiltered, they always end with a good laugh. 

Hyper-Focused on Hobbies 

Although a symptom of ADHD is a struggle to stay on task, those who have ADHD may become hyper-focused on the things that they enjoy. If they are fully immersed in a project, they might as well be able to move a mountain! Their passion can lead to extraordinary things.

Let your differences shine today!



Jordan Nerney

Written by Jordan Nerney

Jordan is the Operations and Customer Service Specialist at Revibe Tech.