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4 Cool Updates to Revibe Connect's Schedule

December 16, 2020

One thing that we as a company strive to do on a daily basis is listen to you, our customers, and implement your feedback into each new app update. Our newest update includes major changes to our Scheduling feature — you asked for it, and we delivered! We're excited for you to test out these features for yourself, but here's a little insight into what changes have been made.


Quick Access to User Preferences 

User Preferences

Make changes within your Schedule with easy access to the User Preferences Tab. With this tool you can easily change device users, add in specific quarters, or make any necessary changes to the way the schedule is set up. 


New Academic Terms  

This new feature allows you to input several academic quarters into the user’s schedule so that you will not have to spend time editing classes after each term! Selecting a Quarter will allow you to name the term, choose the start and end date along with the days of the week within that term, and determine if the class schedule will rotate (A/B) or stay the same. This update will not only free up your time, but give you the peace of mind that the device will fulfill your child’s specific scheduling needs.


Alternating Schedules 

A/B Schedule

As we know that not all users are the same, we also know that not all schedules are the same. This is why our team has also come out with...*drumroll please*a rotating schedule option! This way you can easily input a rotating A/B schedule without the hassle of switching users or editing your schedule each day. You can find this option under User Preferences>Quarters on the Schedule page. This will allow you to choose different schedule styles for each quarter of the school year. 



Holiday/Special Event

Instead of taking the time to edit your Schedule during school holidays or unexpected events, you can now just input a holiday/special event! When this option/time is selected, your device will be silenced for the day and the user will be able to enjoy their vacation and get right back to focusing on their tasks when that holiday/special event is over. 


Our team is excited to share these long awaited changes with you! Your feedback is so important to us, and is ultimately used to improve our device. Please never hesitate to reach out to us at (919) 521-8444 or Our team is just as much a resource to you as our product!

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Jordan Nerney

Written by Jordan Nerney

Jordan is the Operations and Customer Service Specialist at Revibe Tech.